Welcome to B & B Pens and Gifts

B&B Pens and Gifts offers custom pens made from fine woods or other materials, along with a selection of other custom wood-related gifts such as coffee scoops, letter openers, and seam-rippers.

Each item we make is unique, as each piece of wood is different and each pen is turned one at a time, not manufactured by mass automated systems. Yes, there will be minor flaws or variances of the wood grain, but no two pieces of wood are truly the same, even pieces taken from the same board.

We believe in producing the best writing instrument from the newest ball point pens to the old style fountain pens. For us, personal craftsmanship and quality counts and each item is made with care and strive to produce a product worthy of our customers. When you use or present one of our pens, we want you to feel as if it was something that represents you or your company.

We are not limited to just pens. We also make items for those who sew or cook. These items include seam rippers, single and double bladed, flexible threaders, and other items. For the kitchen, there are pepper mills, pizza cutters, and salad utensils.